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Dictionary Listing for  "Y" (496 entries)

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 Y Care International (Great Britain)
 Y-Not Parking Services Ltd
 Y2K problem (Computer systems) Use the term:
   Year 2000 date conversion (Computer systems)
 Y2Y Use the term:
   Youth to Youth
 YA literature Use the term:
   Young adult literature
 Ya-mukolo Use the term:
   Kester Emeneya
 Yaa, Michael Kazungu
 Yaac, Justin
 Yaar, Mehram
 Yabann, Jessica
 Yabei, Paul
 Yablaih, Thomas Manou
 Yabs, John Kipkemboi
 Yach, Derek
 Yag, Namlo
 Yaga, Salim Hamed
 Yagan, Beatrice
 Yagi Sitolo
 Yagnik, Alka
 Yaheda, Aissatou
 Yahoos, George Fombe
 Yahya, A S
 Yahya, Abdallah
 Yaile ole Kinoya
 Yaite, Geoffrey
 Yak--United States
 Yakabwe Mbe
 Yakovlev, Aleksandr
 Yakubu, Hussein
 Yakushkin, Dmitry
 Yala Swamp Reclamation Project, Kenya
 Yala, Elisabeth
 Yala, George
 Yala, Kenya
 Yalahow, Musa Sudi
 Yale University School of Medicine
 Yale University, United States
 Yalenya Primary School
 Yaliyotokea (Title)
 Yallop, David
 Yamada, Kanako
 Yamamoto, Ichita
 Yamashita, Kazuaki
 Yamazaki, Hiroshi
 Yambo-Odotte, Dommie