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Dictionary Listing for  "V" (995 entries)

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 V A Nyamodi and Company Advocates
 V&A Museum Use the term:
   Victoria and Albert Museum
 V-chips--United States
 V12 (Title) Use the term:
   Volume 12 : 11 cuts (Title)
 Vaastav (Title)
 Vacano, Jost
 Vacations with pay Use the term:
   Vacations, Employee
 Vacations, Employee
 Vaccaro, Tony
 Vaccination of children--Uganda
 Vaccination of infants
 Vaccines--Congo (Democratic Republic)
 Vaccines--Great Britain
 Vaccines--United States
 Vacco, Dennis
 Vadera, Bettina
 Vadgama, Lila
 Vagabonds Use the term:
 Vaginal contraceptives Use the term:
   Contraceptives, Vaginal
 Vagrancy Act (Kenya)
 Vaiani, Abdul Latif Yusuf
 Vaid, P B
 Vaidyanathan, Saroja
 Vail, Ted
 Vaisakhi Festival
 Vaiwin Company
 Vajna, Andrew
 Vajpayee, Atal Behari
 Valadez, Joe
 Valai, Ngali
 Valamhia, Devram
 Valdes, Jorge
 Valencia Film Festival, Spain
 Valens, Ritchie--Death
 Valenti, Jack
 Valentin, Carmen
 Valentine Day Use the term:
   Valentine's Day