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Dictionary Listing for  "T" (3990 entries)

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 T Musician Promotions (South Africa)
 T-bills Use the term:
   Treasury bills
 T-Boz (Musician)
 T-lymphotrophic virus III, Human Use the term:
   HIV (Viruses)
 TAA Use the term:
   Tanganyika African Association
 Taabit, Faatima
 Taabu, Dalma
 TAAG Use the term:
   Thika AIDS Awareness Group
 Taal, Bai-Mass
 Taaluma (Title)
 Taama, Jeremiah
 Taama, John
 Taarab music
 Taarab music--Africa, East
 Taarab music--Tanzania
 Taarab music--Zanzibar
 Taarab musicians
 Taarab musicians--Tanzania
 Taarab musicians--Zanzibar
 Taarab Troupe, Tanzania
 Taba taba (Title)
 Tabai, Fatimah Taba
 Taban Lo Liyong
 Taban Lo Liyong--Interviews
 Taban, Geoffrey
 Tabaro, J P M
 Tabatabai, Mohammad Kazem H
 Tabifor, Henry N
 Tabitha (Dancer)
 Tabitha wa Mburu
 Tabla and shehnai music Use the term:
   Shehnai and tabla music
 The table of countrymen (Painting)
 Tableau Ferraille (Title)
 Tables of heights Use the term:
 Tablets (Medicine)
 Tablets, Memorial Use the term:
   Sepulchral monuments
 Tabloid newspapers--Great Britain
 Tabloids Use the term:
   Tabloid newspapers
 Taboo in literature--Indonesia
 Tabora Declaration (Uamuzi wa Busara)
 Tabu Ley (Musician)
 Tabu Ley (Musician)--Family
 Tabu, Francis