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Dictionary Listing for  "P" (5375 entries)

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 P & W Use the term:
   Praise and Worship
 P M News (Lagos, Nigeria)
 p' Bitek, Okot
 p'Bitek, Jane Okot
 P'Bitek, Okot
 P-Funk All Stars (Musical group)
 P.C. (Political correctness) Use the term:
   Political correctness
 Paa (Alias) Use the term:
   Ngugi, Peter Karanja
 Paa ya Paa Art Centre--Fires
 Paa ya Paa Arts Centre
 Pabani, Sultan
 PABHA Use the term:
   Pan-African Broadcasting and Heritage Awards
 Pablo, Juan
 Pablos-Mendez, Ariel
 PAC Use the term:
   Public Accounts Committee (Kenya)
 PAC Lloyd
 Pace, Bill
 Pacha, Germano
 Pacho, Margaret Audi
 Pacho, Okiri
 Pachu, Jack
 Pacific Ocean
 Pacific Ocean Region Use the term:
   Pacific Area
 Pacific Region Use the term:
   Pacific Area
 Pacific Rim Use the term:
   Pacific Area
 Pacific settlement of international disputes
 Pacino, Al
 Pacis, Maria
 Packing industry Use the term:
   Meat industry and trade
 Pacula, Joanna
 PACWA Use the term:
   Pan-African Christian Women's Alliance
 Paddy (Plant) Use the term:
 Padhay, Usha
 Padi Use the term:
 Padilla, Mario
 Padilla, Miguel Antonio Gomez
 Padmore, George
 Padraig, Flynn
 Padre Pio Use the term:
   Forgione, Francesco
 A padroeira (Title)
 Padron, Am Ado