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Dictionary Listing for  "O" (4301 entries)

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 O equipment Use the term:
   Computer input-output equipment
 O Globo (Television network)
 O is for outlaw (Title)
 O Meri Munni (Title)
 O' Connor, Sinead
 O' Kubasu, Emmanuel O
 O'Brien, Karen
 O'Brien, Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette Use the term:
   Springfield, Dusty
 O'Brien, Michael
 O'Brien, Stephen
 O'Callaghan, Kevin
 O'Connel, Shield
 O'Connell, Colm
 O'Connor, Bridget
 O'Connor, Joseph
 O'Connor, Kevin
 O'Connor, Pat
 O'Connor, Sinead
 O'Derek, Keith
 O'Donnell, Justin
 O'Donnell, Rosie
 O'Dowd, George Use the term:
   Boy George (Musician)
 O'Fahey, R S
 O'Gaora, Colm
 O'Hanlon, Bill
 O'Hanlon, Chris
 O'Hanlon, Redmond
 O'Hara, Harry
 O'Keeffe, Georgia
 O'Keragori, Abel
 O'Kubasu, Emmanuel
 O'Kubasu, Emmanuel O
 O'Mirera (State counsel)
 O'Neal, Ryan
 O'Neal, Shaquille
 O'Omuombo, Tom
 O'Otieno, Benson
 O'Reilly, Frances
 O'Reilly, Vincent
 O'Sullivan, Maureen
 O'Toole, John
 O'Toole, Pamela
 O'Toole, Peter
 O'Toole, Tim
 O'Wakwabi, Oddah