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Dictionary Listing for  "K" (7539 entries)

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 A K Holdings
 K J Kinyanjui and Company Advocates
 K M Development Company Ltd
 K&M Archplans
 K'Ananga, Onyango
 K'Obonyo, Okoth
 K'Odiyo, Tom
 K'Ombudo, Alfred
 K'Ombudo, Ojwang
 K'Ombudo, Ojwang'
 K'Ombundo, Alfred
 K'Omudho, Bernard
 K'Opere, Tom O
 K'Opiyo, Genevieve
 K'Opiyo, Gerald Otieno
 K'Opiyo, Gertrude
 K'Opiyo, Otieno
 K'Opot, Stephen
 K'Osambo, Francis Ayoo
 K'Ouko, Phares
 K'Oula, James
 K'Owade, James Use the term:
   K'Owade, James Ratiri
 K'Owade, James Ratiri
 K'Oyoo, James Onyango
 K'Typhoon (Magic troupe)
 K-Black (Performer)
 K-Ci (Musician)
 K-MAP Use the term:
   Kenya Management Assistance Programme
 K-South Flava (Musical group)
 K-TV (South Africa)
 KA Use the term:
   Kenya Airways
 KAA Use the term:
   Kenya Artisits Association
 KAA Use the term:
   Kenya Airports Authority
 KAA Use the term:
   Kenya Association of Artists
 Kaa Ndani (Alias) Use the term:
   Mungenda, Julius Nyamu
 KAAA Use the term:
   Kenya Amateur Athletics Association
 Kaabatsi, Peter
 KAACR Use the term:
   Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children
 Kaaga Girls High School
 Kaahwa, Wilbert
 Kaamba, Peter
 Kaara, Wahu
 Kaaria, Benson
 Kaaria, Bernard
 Kaaria, Kipng'etich Magdalene