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Dictionary Listing for  "H" (2877 entries)

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 H K Properties
 H P Makhecha and Company Advocates
 H Young
 Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv, Israel)
 HAART Use the term:
   Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy
 Haas, Lukas
 Haas, Philip
 Haase, Juffa
 Haavelmo, Trygve
 Haba na haba (Title)
 Habari za Nairobi (Title)
 Habeas corpus
 Habeas corpus--Zambia
 Habel (Alias) Use the term:
   Nyakomu, Moranga
 Habel, Simon
 Habib African Bank Ltd
 Habib Bank A G Zurich
 Habib, Jelani
 Habiba, Halima
 Habibi, Sahfika
 Habibie, B J
 Habibie, Jusuf
 Habila, Helon
 Habimana, Cyprien
 Habit, Clerical Use the term:
 Habit, Ecclesiastical Use the term:
 Habitat Use the term:
   United Nations Centre for Human Settlements
 Habitat (Ecology)
 Habitat (Ecology)--Africa
 Habitat (Ecology)--Tanzania
 Habitat II Children's Art Exhibition
 Habitat International Coalition, Housing and Land Rights Committee
 Habitat selection
 Habitat, Human Use the term:
   Human settlements
 Habitats (Ecology) Use the term:
   Habitat (Ecology)
 Habitual criminals Use the term:
 Habo Agencies Ltd
 Habob, Adam
 Habraken, Joe
 Habre, Hissene
 HABRI Use the term:
   Housing and Building Research Institute
 Habwe, John
 Habwe, Judy
 Habwe, Ruth
 Habwe, Ruth Mical