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Dictionary Listing for  "G" (3260 entries)

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 G & T Shoe Company
 G E O Oluoch
 G-7 countries Use the term:
   Group of Seven countries
 G-Father Entertainment
 G-Wake Use the term:
   Grassroot Women's Association of Kenya
 G7 countries Use the term:
   Group of Seven countries
 Gaa, S Ocholla
 Gaaljeel clan
 Gaarder, Jostein
 Gabbra (African people)
 Gabela, Gybon
 Gabiao, Adan
 Gabiyow, Aden Use the term:
   Noor, Abdullahi
 Gable, Clark
 Gabler, Neal
 Gaboush, Philiph
 Gabow, Mohammed Hussein
 Gabra (African people) Use the term:
   Gabbra (African people)
 Gabriel Selasi
 Gabriel, Alexander Bwire
 Gabriel, Joseph
 Gabrieli, Giovanni, 1557-1612
 Gacaca Courts--Rwanda
 Gacaca Participatory System (Rwanda)
 Gacau, Johnstone
 Gacau, Simon Peter
 A Gacece
 Gacece, Gacoki
 Gacemi, Baya
 Gachago, Jesse Mwangi
 Gachago, Sam
 Gachagoin, Muchal
 Gachagua, Geoffrey
 Gachagua, Simon Ndirangu
 Gachamba, Chege wa Use the term:
   Chege wa Gachamba
 Gachambi, Mary
 Gachane, John
 Gachanja, Andrew
 Gachanja, Clement
 Gachanja, Ephantus
 Gachanja, Esther Wambui
 Gachanja, Harun
 Gachanja, Isaac
 Gachanja, Jennifer