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Dictionary Listing for  "F" (2951 entries)

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 F Fabric crafts Use the term:
   Textile crafts
 F O Abaja Advocates
 F orests and forestry--Government policy Use the term:
   Forest policy
 F-35 Promotions
 F1 cars Use the term:
   Formula One automobiles
 F1cars Use the term:
   Formula One automobiles
 Fabian, Steve
 Fabric care labels Use the term:
   Clothing care labels
 Fabric shops
 Fabricant, Michael
 Fabrics Use the term:
   Textile fabrics
 Fabulous Tailoring Ltd
 The facades of glamour (Title)
 FACE Use the term:
   Friends of African Children's Education
 The Face (United States)
 Face of Africa
 Face of Africa Promotions
 The face of Chile (Theme)
 Face painting
 Face the facts (Title)
 Face the nation (Title)
 Face to face (Title)
 Face to Face La Musica Band
 Face--Care and hygiene
 Face--Effect of implants on--United States
 Facetiae Use the term:
   Wit and humor
 Facilities, Health Use the term:
   Health facilities
 Facing Mount Kenya (Title)
 Facta Construction Ltd
 Factories--Hong Kong (China)
 Factory Act (Kenya)
 Factory and trade waste Use the term:
   Factory waste
 Factory and trade waste
 Factory and trade waste--Environmental aspects
 Factory and trade waste--Environmental aspects--C(te d'Ivoire
 Factory and trade waste--Tanzania
 Factory Ordinance (Tanzania)
 Facts about adolescent drug abuse (Title)
 The facts of life (Title)
 Facts, Miscellaneous Use the term:
   Questions and answers
 Factual films Use the term:
   Documentary films
 Faculty (Education) Use the term: