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Dictionary Listing for  "E" (3223 entries)

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 E R (Title)
 E R (Title)
 E T Monks & Company Ltd
 E-business Use the term:
   Electronic commerce
 E-commerce Use the term:
   Electronic commerce
 E-journals Use the term:
   Electronic journals
 E-mail correspondence Use the term:
   Electronic mail messages
 E-mail messages Use the term:
   Electronic mail messages
 E.D. (Erectile dysfunction) Use the term:
 EA Universities Use the term:
   East Africa Universities
 EAA Use the term:
   East African Assembly
 EABC Use the term:
   East African Business Council
 EABDA Use the term:
   East African Book Development Association
 EABL Use the term:
   East African Breweries Ltd
 EABS Use the term:
   East African Building Society
 EAC Use the term:
   East African Cooperation
 EAC Use the term:
   East African Community
 EAC Court of Justice Use the term:
   East African Court of Justice
 EAC Seminar on Harmonisation of Investment Codes of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Nairobi, 2000
 EACA Use the term:
   Eastern Action Club of Africa
 EADB Use the term:
   East African Development Bank
 EAEP Use the term:
   East African Educational Publishers
 Eaep mathematics (Title)
 EAFFF Use the term:
   East African Federation of Freight Forwarders
 The Eagle (Title)
 Eagle Aviation Ltd
 Eagle Gallery, London, England
 Eagle Star Awards
 Eagle, Darren
 Eagleburger, Lawrence
 The Eagles (Musical group)
 Eagles Band
 EAI Use the term:
   East Africa Industries
 Eakes, Bobbie
 EALB Use the term:
   East African Publishing House
 EALB Use the term:
   East African Literature Bureau
 EALS Use the term:
   East African Law Society
 EAMI-K Use the term:
   Eastern Africa Media Institute (Kenya Chapter)
 EAMJ Use the term:
   East African Medical Journal (Nairobi, Kenya)
 EAMUN Use the term:
   East African Model United Nations
 EAPH Use the term:
   East African Publishing House
 Ear piercing
 Ear piercing--United States
 Eareckson, Joni