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Dictionary Listing for  "D" (3507 entries)

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 D & S (Sexual behavior) Use the term:
   Sexual dominance and submission
 D and S (Sexual behavior) Use the term:
   Sexual dominance and submission
 D J Lowe and Company Ltd
 D M Munuve and Company Advocates
 D S International
 D S Njoroge International
 D&G Use the term:
   Desnoes and Geddes
 D' Estaing, Valery Giscard
 D' Souza, Anthony
 D'Abo, Maryam
 D'Acremont, D
 D'Agostino, Angelo
 D'Amato, Al
 D'Amato, Alfonse Marcello
 D'Avanent, William
 D'Avino, Reich
 D'Ervau, Beatrice
 D'Estaing, Valery Giscard
 D'Silvia, Domluke
 D'Souza, Frances
 D'Souza, Tony
 D'Souza, Vera
 D'ujanga, Simon
 D. O. (alias) Use the term:
   Njuguna, Harrison Waringi
 D.U.I. (Drunk driving) Use the term:
   Drunk driving
 D.W.I. (Drunk driving) Use the term:
   Drunk driving
 d4T Use the term:
   Zerit (Drug)
 Da Brat (Musician)
 Da Costa, Jacqueline
 Da Costa, Ronaldo
 Da Essence (Musical group)
 Da Gama Rose, Francis
 Da Gama, Vasco
 Da Graca, Maria
 Da Silva, Lindauro
 Da Vinci, Leonardo
 Da Zealots (Musical group)
 Daæwah (Islam)--Africa, Sub-Saharan
 Daan, Maag
 DAAR Communications Ltd (Nigeria)
 DAB (Broadcasting) Use the term:
   Digital audio broadcasting
 Dabar, Hassan Dabane
 Dabaso, Adam
 Dabor, Fode Maclean
 Dada, Amin