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Dictionary Listing for  "B" (4669 entries)

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 B B King (Musician)
 B Smart Emporium
 B&H Golden Tones Show
 B(e) ar brawl
 B-Rite (United States)
 B21 group (Musical group)
 BA Use the term:
   British Airways
 Ba, Mariama
 BA. U.KI.E Use the term:
   Baraza la Utafiti Kiswahili, Egerton University
 Baakabe, Ali
 Baalawy, Farouk
 Baar, Terpartkish Singh
 Baari, Cress
 Baartman, Saartjie
 Baath Party (Syria)
 Baba Gaston (Musician)
 Baba Ilunga wa Ilunga
 Baba nipoze mke (Title)
 Baba Otonglo
 Baba, James
 Baba, Justus
 Babangida, Ibrahim
 Babe (Title)
 Babe : pig in the city (Title)
 Babe, Pamela
 Babe, the gallant pig Use the term:
   Babe : pig in the city
 Babel (Baghdad, Iraq)
 Babendreier, Joe
 Babes in the woods (Title)
 Babes, Liviu
 Babies Use the term:
 Babies, Animal Use the term:
 Babies, Test tube Use the term:
   Fertilization in vitro, Human
 Babihuga, Winnie
 Babito, Beatrice
 Babitsky, Andrei
 Babler, Charles
 Babra, Irvinderpal Singh
 Babsa, Jane
 Babu, Abdulrahaman
 Babu, J M
 Babukusu (African people) Use the term:
   Kusu (African people)
 Babumba, Evelyne
 Baby animals Use the term:
 Baby baboon (Title)