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 A&M Records, United States
 A'we Indians Use the term:
   Xavante Indians
 A-bomb victims Use the term:
   Atomic bomb victims
 A-Bunga (African people) Use the term:
   Bongo (African people)
 The A-Z of rock 'n' pop (Title)
 AA97 Use the term:
   Art Affair, '97
 AAAS Use the term:
   American Association for the Advancement of Science
 AABA Use the term:
   All African Women's Association
 AACC Use the term:
   All Africa Conference of Churches
 AACC Use the term:
   All Africa Conference of Churches
 Aachilla, Wilfred
 AAFA Use the term:
   M-Net All Africa Film Awards
 AAIS Use the term:
   African Association of Insect Scientists
 AAK Use the term:
   Architectural Association of Kenya
 AALAE Use the term:
   African Association for Literacy and Adult Education (Great Britain)
 AALE Use the term:
   African Adult Education Association
 Aaliyah (Musician)
 Aaliyah (Musician)--Death
 AAR Use the term:
   Africa Air Rescue
 Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre (New York, United States)
 Aarvik, Agil
 AAS Use the term:
   African Academy of Sciences
 AAWORD Use the term:
   Association of African Women for Research and Development
 Ababu, L
 Abacha (Alias) Use the term:
   Mugambi, Joel Abuti
 Abacha in hell (Title)
 Abacha, Maryam
 Abacha, Sani
 Abad, Constance
 Abade, Pelesia Auma
 Abagi, Okwach
 Abagusii (African people) Use the term:
   Gusii (African people)
 Abagusii language Use the term:
   Gusii language
 Abaikiriza Cult (Uganda)
 Abakir, Mohammed
 Abakisii (African people) Use the term:
   Gusii (African people)
 Abakisii language Use the term:
   Gusii language
 Abakuria (African people) Use the term:
   Kuria (African people)
 Abakwariga (African people) Use the term:
   Hausa (African people)
 Abala, J
 Abalaka, Jeremiah
 Abalowaro, Albert
 Abaluyia (African people) Use the term:
   Luyia (African people)
 Abana ba Nassery
 Abana Sungusia (Dance orchestra)