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 The burdens (Title)
 The English patient (Title)
 The Peacemaker (Title)
 The poisonwood bible (Title)
 'Bu Mangela, S
 'EastAfrican' Top Flyers Holiday Competition
 'N Sync (Musical group)
 (Sitting on) the dock of the bay (Title)
 10 things I hate about you (Title)
 100 days (Title)
 100 greatest men (Title)
 100% (Parracent) (Title)
 1000 world leaders of scientific influence (Title)
 12 play (Title)
 13 Tombs (China) Use the term:
   Ming Tombs (China)
 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania Use the term:
   Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 13th Amendment
 1920 Safaris Tour Company
 1947 : earth (Title)
 1971 Fund Convention
 1984 (Title)
 1996 Corruption Index (Title)
 1999-2000 edition of Unesco world communication and information report (Title)
 1st Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles Band (Nepal)
 2 become one (Title)
 2,4-D (Herbicide) Use the term:
   Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
 2,4-D amine Use the term:
   Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
 2-Flex Clan Band
 2000 A.D. date conversion (Computer systems) Use the term:
   Year 2000 date conversion (Computer systems)
 2000 A.D., celebrations Use the term:
   Millennium celebrations (Year 2000)
 20th Century Cinema, Nairobi, Kenya
 20th Century Cinema Plaza
 20th Century Cinema, Nairobi, Kenya
 20th Century Fox Theatres
 20th Century Fox Theatres (United States)
 21 ways ... to grow (Title)
 21st Century
 The 21st century : the geopolitical background and cultural prospects (Title)
 21st Century Packing Industries Ltd (Tanzania)
 The 21st century woman scientist (Title)
 24 hours until Sunday (Title)
 2Pac : greatest hits (Title)
 3-D films--United States
 3-X Brothers
 The 30 minutes series (Title)
 30 years of bananas (Title)


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